A NFT Education and Networking Platform for Gen Z
App Design
Brand Identity


CiRCLE.N is an educational and networking platform designed for NFT beginners who are Millennials, and Gen Z (in their 20s - 30s) to learn about NFT, and socialize with other NFT holders or artists via events.

Through CiRCLE.N, users create their own communities to pursue common goals, such as reducing carbon emissions, and attend related events together, share thoughts by posts and comments, and agonize the problem together for the best solution.


In Money magazine and Morning Consult survey, only 1 in 4 U.S. adults can explain what an NFT is. Moreover, according to the interviews and surveys I conducted, it is clear that the potential users are willing to learn about NFT as well as participate in the NFT focused community and events.

As shown in the competitive analysis, there is no such platform providing both tutorials and networking environments in a single application even though there are needs for such a platform where users can both learn and build relationships through various events and communities.

Competitive Analysis


Based on the 5 potential users’ interviews and surveys with 25 people, I could collect the Millennials and Gen Z’s needs of learning NFT as well as opportunities to communicate with artists, NFT holders, or others who participate in the community.

They mentioned that they were not sure where to gather all the information and there were NFT marketplace platforms, but nothing was focusing on both education and networking through informative events. Therefore, I wished to create a platform for them to educate themselves and socialize with others through various events that can be both informational and fun in one integrated medium.

Design Process & Iterations

Feedbacks from User Testing

1. There’s no log-in button in the log-in page which is kind of confusing.
2. Instead of having the diamond-shaped event list, coming up with a better layout would help users to get information quickly and easily.
3. Icons on the navigation bar located on the very bottom of the page may trigger confusion. Exactly what each icon represents?
4. Would be good to see how many people are going to attend the event.
5. Would be nice to have the event ticket.
6. Can users follow each other to get updated news or communicate with each other?
7. There’s no individual page for each account.
8. ‘Upcoming event’ can cause confusion since an earlier upcoming event is showing on the top of ‘upcoming event.’ Should have a better title that aligns with ‘upcoming event’ or rename both.

9. Ticket purchase section is missing.

Onboarding Process

By asking questions on the familiarity levels of NFT, I can target NFT newbies. People who are already familiar with NFT can still take a look at Tutorials or skip. If they skip the tutorial section, they are welcome to come back to the tutorial whenever they wish to by click the tutorial button on the navigation bar.


In the low fidelity prototype, users could just swipe through simple NFT information. Instead of that, I've decided to change the interface of tutorial page, by adding skip and exit button and navigation bar on the bottom, for convenience. Also, tutorial has information in detail based on the questions that potential users have according to interviews and surveys.

Future Work

  1. Fun but effective ways to learn NFT besides providing tutorials or linking to YouTube
  2. Conduct and iterate more usability testings to figure out what parts can be
    improved to deliver better user experience.
  3. What are some of the challenges they face in managing NFT events?
  4. How can my platform address these challenges? It’s also important to consider how the platform can facilitate communication and networking.
  5. What other features can be included in order to optimize user experience.
    Improve UI by adding animation features, rearranging layouts, and so